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Post 5 – Assessment and Games

Reviewing the content of this week, I appreciated how Luke’s post touched on the convenience factor offered by summative assessment; exams and test are popular as they take little time to put together and provide a numerical value of how… Continue Reading →

Post 4 – The SAMR Model

This week, one or our topics of focus was Puentedura’s SAMR model, a four-level approach to describing and categorizing the utilization of technology in the k-12 classroom (Hamilton, Rosenberg & Akcoaglu, 2016). The infographic that I have posted down below… Continue Reading →

Post 3 – Mayer’s Multimedia Learning Principles

The course content for week three pushed me to reflect upon my use and misuse of the Multimedia Learning Principles for Reducing Extraneous Processing before taking EDCI 337. In fact, I pulled up an old presentation that I made for… Continue Reading →

Post 2 – Merge Cube and Canva

Our topics of focus this week, augmented reality and learning design, got me seriously eager to do some investigating on my own and dive into some of the activities. Specifically, the seminar video about Merge Cube truly peaked my curiosity… Continue Reading →

Post 1 – Experiences and Thoughts about Multimedia Presentations

The readings and course materials for this week have prompted me to consider my earliest experiences with multimedia presentations. I specifically think back to a PowerPoint that I had to make introducing myself to my seventh class, and a few… Continue Reading →

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