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Community Contributions – Week 5

Hi Megan, your idea of having a “choose your own adventure” style game is so creative; I loved these kinds of books as a child as well, and would have been over the moon to have experienced this in “real… Continue Reading →

Community Contributions -Week 4

Hi Lexi, I totally agree with how you highlighted that videos produced by teachers need to clear, smooth, and visually attractive to captivate attention. I liked your idea of using animations to engage young students – I could totally see… Continue Reading →

Community Contributions – Week 3

Hi Omar, I enjoyed hearing about your experiences in a few co-op terms – they for sure validate that the coherence principle is critical to help make learning conditions for audience members of a presentation optimal. I also have seen… Continue Reading →

Community Contributions – Week 2

Hi Megan, I for sure agree with you saying that augmented reality resources likely require lots of careful preparation and planning in order to be used successfully. I really appreciated the videos and information you posted about more simple ways… Continue Reading →

Community Contributions – Week 1

Hi Jayne, I really appreciated your post this week! Specifically I resonated with what you said about how crowded and visually over-stimulating slides can have us guessing at what we should be directing our attention towards – which is likely… Continue Reading →

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