This week I was excited to better get to know everyone over our zoom lecture, as well as discuss the expectations and content to be covered in EDCI 336. In all honesty, I feel overwhelmed by all the new information I’ve recently received, especially that concerning how to use various digital platforms. However, I do realize that this is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure/access to resources that I likely wouldn’t have come across on my own, and am looking forward to applying their functionality to other areas of my life, even a future classroom!

Considering some of what was covered on Monday, I had never heard of the ISTE standards. Now that I have a greater familiarity with them, I have to say that I truly admire the intention behind their purpose, in outlining ways for educators to both prepare and encourage their students to be self-driven and empowered learners. In addition, I appreciated gaining a greater awareness of the BC FIPPA Cloud Guidlines, as I think online safety and awareness is a topic of importance that is often underemphasized.

My experience concerning educational technologies is fairly standard, in that I completed a program showing me how to navigate different kinds of computer softwares in high school, but can’t say that I remember much of it and thus am in need of a refresher. The preceding is something I hope to get out of this course, along with a greater understanding of the practical and creative forms technology can take in a school setting.