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Assignment 4 – A Beginner’s Guide to Nearpod

This resource was made by Carla, Jason, Megan, and myself. Introduction to our Media Object; Nearpod. For our Multimedia Design project, we have decided to compile a series of video tutorials intended to instruct learners, primarily classroom teachers, on how… Continue Reading →

Peer Review of Interactive Resource

Hi Breanne, Mickayla, Molly, and Sarah! I appreciate the opportunity to have reviewed your interactive resource/unit plan on descriptive writing; I find seeing the work of other future educators is so beneficial to my learning as I takeaway many ideas… Continue Reading →

Community Contributions – Week 5

Hi Megan, your idea of having a “choose your own adventure” style game is so creative; I loved these kinds of books as a child as well, and would have been over the moon to have experienced this in “real… Continue Reading →

Post 5 – Assessment and Games

Reviewing the content of this week, I appreciated how Luke’s post touched on the convenience factor offered by summative assessment; exams and test are popular as they take little time to put together and provide a numerical value of how… Continue Reading →

Community Contributions – Week 4

Hi Cynthia, I really appreciated the practicality of the topic you chose for your interactive resource – it is something that is so useful to be knowledgeable about, especially for college students. The graphics and simple language made the video… Continue Reading →

Post 4 – Interaction and Perimeter

For my learning pod’s interactive resource assignment, we have created a unit plan teaching measurement and perimeter to grade three students. The video I have chosen off of YouTube can be found down below. Rather than an instructional video, it… Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 – Core Multimedia Skills

For this assignment, I chose to upgrade an old GoogleSlides presentation that I made for my EDCI 250 class last year, a seminar for a field experience in an elementary school classroom. The basic premise was to summarize findings for… Continue Reading →

Community Contributions -Week 4

Hi Lexi, I totally agree with how you highlighted that videos produced by teachers need to clear, smooth, and visually attractive to captivate attention. I liked your idea of using animations to engage young students – I could totally see… Continue Reading →

Post 4 – The SAMR Model

This week, one or our topics of focus was Puentedura’s SAMR model, a four-level approach to describing and categorizing the utilization of technology in the k-12 classroom (Hamilton, Rosenberg & Akcoaglu, 2016). The infographic that I have posted down below… Continue Reading →

Editing with iMovie

Please enjoy the following video that I have edited with the help of iMovie and the suggested workshop for week 4’s hands-on learning activity!

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