This week I tried my fifth airfryer recipe, sweet potato fries! In addition to my attached and updated learning plan, I will summarize my experience below.

Recipe link:

Ingredient list: sweet potatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika.
Time taken for preparation and cooking: 20 minutes.
Level of clean-up required (minimal, moderate, heavy): light.
Taste rating: (1 star = bad, 2 stars = okay, 3 stars = excellent): 3 stars.
Additional comments/notes:
◦ The first part of this recipe, peeling and chopping the sweet potatoes, was time consuming, but the other steps (and clean-up) required minimal work.
◦ One of the biggest downsides/obstacles I faces while cooking this was the limited size of the airfryer tray; you could only fit so many fries in at a time, and thus not everything was finished together as batches were necessary.
◦ Overall, however, they were done relatively quickly and tasted great, being crisp and flavourful.
◦ Based off of this experience, I think that an airfyer would be the perfect appliance for 2 people because heating an entire oven isn’t always needed and the right amount of food can be prepared (anything more is challenging to coordinate).

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