As of this week, I have officially made and posted about each item that I set out for myself and outlined in my Free Inquiry Learning Plan! I wanted to take the time to reflect upon my experience and share some of my key findings. To give a brief recap, the questions I initially posed and chose to explore were:

“Does an airfyer make cooking more efficient (in terms of time and clean-up)?”
“Does an airfyer cook quality (good-tasting) food?”

In order to achieve this, I searched the platform Pinterest and found a variety of recipes including 3 meals, 2 side dishes/appetizers, 2 snacks, and 2 treats that I tried over the course of this semester. I then compiled each one, as well as a system for evaluation into one document which included room for their source, a general ingredients list, a time estimate (for cooking and clean-up), a taste rating (out of 3 stars), additional comments/notes, and a picture.

Here are my closing thoughts:

1. The airfryer preheats fast and efficiently (about 2 minutes), making cooking time incredibly convenient.
2. Cleaning the bottom tray of the airfryer can be difficult of tedious.
3. The airfryer can make a diverse number of recipes, from main courses to desserts, showing its versatility.
4. The airfryer tray is limited in size; you can only fit so many of one thing at a time, and thus sometimes not everything finishes all together and batches necessary.
5. The airfryer cooks crispy and flavourful food.
6. The airfyer would be the perfect appliance for 2 people because heating an entire oven isn’t always needed and the right amount of food can be prepared (anything more is challenging to coordinate).
7. There is no need to stir and watch your food as it cooks when using the airfryer; you can easily just insert the tray and set an alarm.

Overall, I really enjoyed and had fun with the process of taking on a new task; I feel that I now have a more expanded knowledge of what being creative in the kitchen can look like and am excited to use my airfryer regularly!