For my free inquiry project, I have chosen to pursue cooking, something that I have always enjoyed and have many strong memories associated with. More specifically, I would like to become familiar with the airfryer ( that my family has recently purchased, and how such an appliance can be used as an alternative to a traditional oven, with the goal of determining if it was a worthwhile investment. I feel that this information could be helpful to fellow university students or anyone interested in ways of being creative in the kitchen! My guiding questions include:

  • Does an airfyer make cooking more efficient (in terms of time and clean-up)?
  • Does an airfyer cook quality (good-tasting) food?

In order to achieve this, I have searched the platform Pinterest and found a variety of recipes including 3 meals, 2 side dishes/appetizers, 2 snacks, and 2 treats that I will be trying over the course of this semester:


Side dishes/appetizers.



Attached below is a pdf showing the breakdown of which recipe I will be trying each week, its source, a general ingredients list, as well as space for a rating, additional comments/notes, and a picture. To elaborate on my method of evaluation, I will give an estimate of how long it took me to successfully make the particular recipe (including the preparation and actual cooking time), the level of clean-up that was required (minimal, moderate, heavy), and the taste itself (bad = 1 star, okay = 2 stars, and good = 3 stars).

Thus, each week I will cook, review, and photograph a recipe, sharing this on my blog and collecting data that I can later use to support my inquiry in a final post. I’m looking forward to documenting my progress!

Free Inquiry Learning Plan