This week I tried my first airfryer recipe, stuffed peppers! In addition to my attached and updated learning plan, I will summarize my experience below.

Recipe link:

Ingredient list: bell peppers, yellow onion, basil, parsley, rice, cheese, ground beef, tomatoes sauce, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder.
Time taken for preparation and cooking: 35 minutes.
Level of clean-up required (minimal, moderate, heavy): moderate.
Taste rating: (1 star = bad, 2 stars = okay, 3 stars = excellent): 3 stars.
Additional comments/notes:

◦ This recipes fairly easy to put together, but it did require me to coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously (cooking the rice, browning the beef, dicing the tomatoes) which was slightly challenging.
◦ The airfryer preheats much faster than I expected (about 2 minutes), making the cooking time incredibly convenient. However, the time needed for preparation is longer, very doable, but maybe not for when you are in a hurry.
◦ Clean-up afterwards wasn’t too complex, and the airfryer tray was not hard to wash.
◦ My family really enjoyed this meal and will likely make it again!

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